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Introducing Baby To Swimming: The Bath Is Their First Lesson

Introducing Baby To Swimming Starts In The Bath

Many will argue that you should start introducing baby to swimming by prepared them before hand. This is usually done in the bath and the idea is to pour water over the babies head using the term “{The Child's Name}, Ready Go” then pour (See the video Below).

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Does it work?

I really don’t know but there are swimming coaches and instructors of the statue of Laurie Lawrence  who have trained Olympic Champions and regularly teach children as young as 5 years old to swim that support it.

These people are very powerful in the swimming community and what they say carries a lot of weight; but do we know if they are correct?

I don’t know and as far as I know there is no proper research done in preparing babies for their first swimming lessons.

My own experience is that there is no presentable difference between babies who have had preparation and those who have not.

Picture of a baby in a soapy baby bath: Introducing Baby To Swimming
Baby First Swim Lesson?

Still with the weight of character behind the technique it’s probably worth a try.

I do have one caveat. I see no reason to surprise the child the first few times you do the poring, when it is simple enough to fill your hand with water and wash your child’s face with your wet hand, causing your child to close their eyes as you do. After they get used to the hand face wash the “ready go” is no longer a surprise and you should be able to poor away.

No matter what method you use make sure you say “{Your Child’s Name}, Ready, Go” and then the action, not the action then “{Your Child’s Name}, Ready, Go” or “{Your Child’s Name}”, the action then, “Ready, Go”. it a sure found recipe for frightening the child.


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