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Swim Nappy (diapers) Much More than a Recommendation

Swim Nappy (diapers) Much More than a Recommendation

Code brown! The code used at our pool to declare that some child did a poo in the water. Nothing is more disheartening to a lifeguard at my pool than those words. If only they had put a Swim Nappy (diapers) on the child, I would not have to close the pool and clean it.

A Swim Nappy (swimming diapers) Picture
Just Good Baby Hygiene in The Pool

Why can’t children wear a proper pool nappy? Even if your child is only wearing a bedtime nappy they should be in pool nappies until they have shown that they are safe not to have accidents in the pool.

Nobody will admit to doing it of course but you know who you are. Consider the inconvenience for everybody else as the pool should be cleared, cleaned and time taken to re-balancing the chemicals in the pool; it’s a whole lot of No fun.

It's Not That Simple

Unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as just scooping out the offending matter with a net either. A net is fine if the matter is solid but we all know that it is not unusual for children to have fluid large bowel movements and that means getting into the pool and wading in it till you have as much of the fecal matter as possible. As a pool lifeguard, that means not only a shower but a change of clothes.

Wait... Get Your Lesson Plans Here

Ordinary Nappies (diapers) Explode

Ordinary nappies (diapers) Explode! You can’t hide an exploding nappy! Everybody will know it's you because they see the trail of the disintegrating garment as you walk away. So putting your child in and ordinary nappy to save money doesn’t work either.

Don’t try to save money on cheap nappies either. Not only do they often still explode but it is not unusual them to last long enough to explode as the added pressure of bowl movement occurs. Trust me I’ve seen the embarrassment of parents as they get all the looks from lifeguards and other patrons alike whilst cleaning and exiting the water. Like I said you can’t hide an exploding nappy!

15 Minutes

It takes at least 15 minutes to re-balance the chemicals in the pool and most health recommendations require you to clear the pool for that period. I worked in pools where they don’t make everybody leave the pool whilst the re-balance is done. I worked in pools where they don’t even bother to re-balance the chemicals; it’s disgusting and it is dangerous; not just from the potential bacteria but also from the pool chemicals themselves.

Let’s face it there is nothing more embarrassing than poo in the water, not to mention the disgusted and disgruntled lifeguard and pool patrons alike. The solution is so simple.

Give yourself and everybody else a break. Have your child wear proper pool nappies.


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