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Discipline In Your Swimming Classes - Kid's Wetsuit

Kid's Wetsuit, Discipline And Swimming Classes

What is the connection between a kid's wetsuit and discipline in your swimming classes? Consider this situation:

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You can't understand why your child starts to misbehave as soon as they get near to the water?

Maybe they willingly go into the swimming lesson to start with but after a very short while they start to become unmanageable.

What if it's not that the child doesn't like the teacher?
What if they are not getting bored?
What if they don't really mind getting their head underwater?

All these things could be a factor but do you know the thing that I have found to be the most problem?

But what's that got to do with Kids Wetsuits?

More often than not Your child is getting cold!

How can that be you say when they are in a heated pool?

Unless the pool is heated to around 32-34 Deg C and closer to 34 Deg C they are losing heat at a very rapid rate. Remember they only have little bodies and they don't have to lose much before they are really feeling cold.

They don't have to have blue lips or be shivering. Think about it when you feel cold you try to get warm and you don't necessarily have blue lips or shiver.

They May Not Know That's The Problem Themselves

Remember your making them get into the water and they may not know how to tell you they are cold. They may not even know that that is the problem themselves. They just know they are not happy.

Image of multi colored kids wetsuits
Kids Wetsuits Come In So Many colours
Very few pools, as hard as they may try can keep their pools at 34 Deg C. Things go wrong. Boilers play up ambient temperature drops rapidly. The pumps play up.

I have had children that absolutely love me get into the pool and throw their biggest tantrum and as soon as they were put into a neoprene thermal rash vest or kid's wet suit they were fine.

So next time you can't figure out why your child is misbehaving in the pool try putting them in some swimwear that will help keep them warm. It may work wonders.


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