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Learn How To Swim 101 - Breaststroke - Movie More Basic

Learn How To Swim: A Movie More on Basic Breaststroke

As both a competitive stroke and a survival stroke, Breaststroke is the stroke that most self-taught swimmers try to learn first. I think mostly because it allows the swimmer to keep their head out of the water whilst breathing, but also because it looks to the new swimmer, like the easiest to learn. Especially if you do it with a flutter kick or no kick at all rather than the traditional frog kick or sometimes highly promoted whip kick.

You can also see the logic of the stroke being the first choice stroke, if you consider that historically, before the advent of the front crawl (or Australian crawl otherwise today known incorrectly as freestyle), breaststroke was the official competitive front stroke and therefore taught first by everyone.

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Most teachers including myself, these days would choose to teach a version of the front crawl or freestyle first as breaststroke is actually a very complicated stroke to master.

Because there is much more to mastering breaststroke than first meets the eye I’ve created this little movie so that some of the basics of the stroke can be seen more clearly.

In another post "How To Swim Video - Breast Stroke" I have a different movie, but it doesn't have the kind of detail I've always wanted so I created this one.

In a future post, I will have another movie that will show one of the most common errors that I call a "sweep too far" or "over sweeping error" and how to correct it.


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