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Straight Arm Swimming How To Get The Best Out Of Little Kids

Straight Arm Swimming and Rotation

Having trouble getting the arms of your littlest swimmers out of the water for straight arm swimming? Try getting them to rotate their body as they swing their arms.

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I had a break through with one of the cutest little swimmer in class today. She tries so hard but she just doesn't have the motor development yet to maintain the body position she needs to do any kind of effective, age appropriate arm action. After all she is only 4.

After watching her struggle with the whole big arms thing, I noticed that occasionally she did almost manage the arm action that I want in a child of her age. I observed that on the occasion she did almost get the action she was rotating her body more than usual.

Image fo a child swimming Rotation to breathe in the pool: Rotation is a prelude to Straight Arm Swimming and breathing
A Little Rotation

Exaggerated Movement

Being a big fan of exaggerated movement I got her to over rotate as she swung her arm around. Bingo! one more or less straight arm action. Now I know that this may need to be altered later but hey over rotation is usually easy to fix and a little bit will only help her swimming technique later.

Don't get too excite though. The same motor development issues that prevents young students from being able to get their arms out of the water may also prevent them from being able to over rotate or they may be able to over rotate but only on one side. Never-the-less its worth a shot and as in the case of my student it may help.

So if your littlest swimmers are having problems getting their arms out of the water as they are learning their freestyle try an exaggerated rotation action.


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