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Children's Learning Styles for Swimming - Visual Learners

Children's Learning Styles for Swimming

Discovering if a student's preferred learning style may not be as easy as it sounds. It can take a lot of observation and patience to discover that they are an auditory (hearing) learner, visual (seeing) learner or kinesthetic (tactile) learner.

As a parent and teachers, assessing preferred learning style and encouraging that style with age-appropriate activities, helps to build confidence. It also gives them the opportunity to develop coping skills and enables you to set realistic expectations.

Over three post I want to discuss each of these learning styles separately. In this post, we shall look at Visual Learners.

picture of a child in a pool, holding a kickboard looking at the person taking the photo. Children can have different learning styles for swimming. Some are visual learners.
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Visual learners

Visual learners thrive on written information. They learn from watching others and use sight to navigate their world. They like to read and are usually good at spelling. Visual learners appreciate visual clues in addition to verbal instruction, and can often memorize things by seeing them.

Visual learners are usually organized, they notice details and remember faces. A visual learner is more likely to learn better if you demonstrate what you want them to do.

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Tips for visual learners in swimming classes: * Make sure the student is watching
* Use plenty of demonstrations
* Demonstrate accurately. Demonstrate exactly what you want the student to learn. Don't think or say "it looks something like this".


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