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Freestyle Flip Turn or Tumble Turns - Step 5

Freestyle Flip Turn or Tumble Turns Useful Video

Even those that can do a tumble turn may find this video useful.

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The placement of feet can make a huge difference in how effective ones tumble turn is.

This is the last in the series on Freestyle Flip Turn, or Tumble turns (see also Freestyle Flip Turns or Tumble Turns step 4). Buy this stage you should be getting reasonably proficient with them and it's now just a matter of practice.

This drill is what I use with all my semi to advanced swimmers. It works just a treat and mostly the kids love it.



  1. Hi Richard,

    The videos for tumble turns are not available on the original website that you posted on.
    Is it possible for you to post them again?
    I read you blog regularly in order to improve my technique.


  2. Thanks for your post Kiran. I'm really glade you pointed the fault out to me. I have updated the pages concerned. I hope the people who made the video keep it where it is. It's one of the best method I have come across for learning tumble turns.

  3. Hi Richard,

    I found these videos on-line but I couldn't quite get the hang of the noodle turn. Then I saw another swimmer in my master's class practicing using the two swim bouys. I asked what she was doing, and she demonstrated the "weightless hands" technique of flip turns. After **twenty-two years** of fitness lap swimming, I finally was able to do a somersault in the water! In just one weekend, I've been able to get the basic gist of flip turns, something I was convinced I could never do. Watching these videos has given me a great sense of what I'm doing right and wrong, so I can fine-tune the technique. Thank you SO MUCH for posting links to these videos!

    Even better, when I was working on the technique, two other swimmers stopped me to ask me what I was doing and if I could teach them also, so this amazingly simple wisdom is being passed along. It's never too late to learn something new!