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Learn How To Swim 101 - Backstroke - Bow Legged Kicking

Learn How To Swim Backstroke without Bow Legged Kicking

One of the many kicking faults that have some swimming teacher baffled in terms of fixing, is the bow-legged kick. This is where a swimming student that is starting to learn how to swim Backstroke, kicks with their knees quite wide apart.

The picture is of someone doing backstroke but it affects both backstroke and freestyle.

It can be very difficult to fix I will admit. The problem is that a student often has no idea that they are doing it. They have often been doing it for so long that it is a very ingrained habit.

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Usually, however, if you explain often enough that they need to kick with their feet close to the surface of the water and the knees together then over time the student will eventually get it.

Image of a boy swimming backstroke with bow legs
Backstroke With Backstroke

With that exception in mind, there is another way to fix a particularly obstinate bow-legged kicking action. A Pool boy between the knees when they kick.

Image of a boy doing backstroke with a Pull Buoy between his legs
Backstroke With a Pull Buoy

The first thing you check however before you try to fix this problem does the student walk with a bow-legged gate. If they are naturally bow-legged when they walk, in that case you are just going to have to accept that the bow-legged kicker is going to have a unique kicking style.

Now keep in mind that pool boy between the knees is not an easy thing to do whilst you kick and so it should not be your first action. However, if your student has been swimming for some time with this fault in their kick then they are probably going to be able to cope with a pool boy between their legs.

May be worth a try anyway.


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