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Games for Swimming Lessons: Water Discovery- Jallyfish Tag

Games for Swimming Lessons: Jellyfish Tag

Another of my games for swimming lessons. This water discovery game is played just like a normal tag except, that the only way to be safe from being tagged and becoming "IT" is to do a Jellyfish float.

Image of a swimmer floating on the front in another of my games for swimming lessons.
Floating Jellyfish

A jellyfish float is one where you float with you face down in the water.

Students may run and scatter in any direction but if "IT" gets too close for comfort they need to do a jellyfish float to keep from being tagged.

Of course, there may be no guarding. That is standing over the other players waiting for them to lift their head. "IT" must always be on the move.

If the group is large it is good to have several "IT's".

The beauty of this game is that it can be adapted for any water activity. Not just Jellyfish floats.


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  1. This sounds like an awesome game to play when teaching the Jellyfish Float! I'm going to use in in my WSI Training practice lesson! :>