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Learn How To Swim 101: Freestyle Breathing, Common Faults

Learn How To Swim: Freestyle Breathing, Common Faults

It's now time to look at some of the most common faults that the new swimming student is confronted with when they learn how to swim freestyle:

Incorrect kicking

If your knees are too bent or your feet are leaving the water then you are not getting enough power out of your kick. This will make the breathing process just that much harder. If you are having problems with your breathing and most new students do, you need to get someone to look at your kicking.

If the person looking at your legs can see bent knees or your feet splashing then you need to use a kickboard and practise your kicking until you feel yourself travelling much faster. Then you need to get someone to look at your legs again (preferably the same person) to see if there is any change.

When you have got the all-clear to go back to your freestyle ant try again.

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If you are still having problems with your breathing you need to have someone look at your head position when you breathe.

Lifting Your Head

If you are lifting your head, that is not putting your nose in the water looking at the bottom of the pool when you blow bubbles or you are not putting your ear and tip of your goggles in the water when you turn your head, you need to go back to the edge of the pool and practice doing just that whilst holding on to the edge (see Learn To Swim 101 - Beginning Freestyle - Breathing).

When you've had enough of being on the side of the pool you can try and use a kickboard and practice breathing whilst walking along.

As soon as you think you have got it, you should then go back to your freestyle. If you are still struggling then get someone to check you as before and if the problem is the same go back to the drill above.

Keep doing this till you get it.

Below is a video talking about and demonstrating the correct head potions featuring Michael Phelps & Katie Hoff. It may help to clarify what I'm talking about.


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