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Games for Swimming Lessons: Classic Object Retrieve

One of the Classic Games for Swimming Lessons

This swimming pool game is one of the classic games for swimming lessons and needs lots of little floating things: 30 or more.

Image of a child under the water collecting floatie things. It is one of the classic games for swimming lessons.
Collecting Floatie Things

Make sure the things are not things the little ones can check on as many of them get lost in the swimming pool and any little one may choose to swallow them and potentially choke.

Throw the floating things into your swimming area.

On signal, they scramble for only ONE each of the things.

The swimming students then run back to the edge and return for more.

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If they are advanced enough then when a floating thing is retrieved, the swimmer must do a back glide and kick to the edge.

The swimmer with the greatest number of floating things after a set time knows they win but the great thing about this game is that you don't even need to say anything just cheer the students on and praise them up for doing a great job.


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