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Adults and Floatation Devises: Should Be Used?

Using Floatation Devises For Adults Learning To Swim

Adults and Flotation devise AHH!

Warning I'm about to rant!

There are some things that I really have to want to scream out at adult swimming teachers. There is nothing more humiliating to an adult than to be treated like a child.

Image of two happy adults, one male one female in the pool without floatation devices. This article is about adults and floatation devices.
Adult Learners are Not Children

I accept that there may be times when you have to get an adult to work with a flotation device. But getting them to swim up and down endlessly with it is not sometimes. If you are really that incompetent that you can't come up with alternatives you should get out and educate yourself.

If adult swimming instructors haven't realized yet their students are adults and unless they have a physical disability their motor skills are already developed. Yes, they will require practice but nothing like the practice a child needs. They need information. They need to be told why they need to do things and have things explained to them in adult terms with as much information as they require, which should be more detailed than to a child.

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The Fear They Have Is Not The Fear Of A Child

The fear they have is not the fear of a child that dissipates as they learn to swim. The fear an adult has is something that has built up over many years. You have to make them feel safe and encourage them, not treat them like babies.

An adult is also attending Swimming lessons because they want to or need to, not usually because they have to, like a child. So you are going to get much more cooperation but only if you work with the fear.
When swimming teaching adults your biggest problem is fear, not motor development. Don't treat your adults like they need to learn motor development. They will resent you.

If you work with an adult swimming student's fear you should expect much greater advancement in much shorter time than a child. Expect it, work with your adults.

Teach your adults to swim not how to use a flotation device.


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