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Swimming Lesson Ideas: Jump in and turn around

Swimming Lesson Ideas For 5-year-old beginner students

Swimming Lesson Ideas often cause a change of lesson plan and today I changed mine a little to incorporate jumping in and turning around. I used to only do this for my baby students but I thought that I'd try it with my 5-year-old beginner students.

Image of a happy mother and her son holding up a little girl in the pool. Swimming Lesson ideas often change lesson plans.
After Turning Around Underwater To Safety

I must say it worked a treat. The children loved it and I felt as though they were learning a great safety skill as well as building confidence.

The idea is if they can learn to turn themselves around in the water and grab the wall then they will hopefully do it automatically should they fall in.

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One Child Fell Off The Mat

I have had one child who came up through my baby classes do something like this when they fell off the mat one time.

I was playing with the children in this class that included this child and she slipped off. She had managed to get herself in a position that was taking me longer to get to than I would have liked.

As I was reaching out for her I saw her look up and with a look in her eye of, "I can't be bothered waiting around for you", she turned herself around grabbed the mat and pulled herself up. Just as she was trained to do as a baby.

I was ecstatic and realized that this only confirmes my thinking that if you give a person a tool and teach them how to use it then there is a good chance they will use it when it is appropriate.

The Method is

The method is that the children stand or sit on the edge depending on their level of fear about jumping in.

I hold their hands and they jump into the water.

I immediately turn them to the wall where they hold on and once they are secure I let them go to hold on by themselves.

Anyway, I thought it was a good thing to tell you about.


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