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The Most Important Factor in Learn to Swimming

Confidence is The Most Important Factor in Learn to Swimming!

When you learn to swim knowing how to teach the skills or having the ability to learn the skills or having a special aptitude for swimming is all pointless if you don't have or can't pass on confidence. It is by far the single most significant factor in any new skill or developing an old one. There is just no way around it.

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Over the years of my teaching I have heard an enormous number of methods and been told so many different ways to teach particular skills. I have herd the comment "this is the most important thing to teach" so many times. But the fact is if you don't have confidence or can't instill it, you can teach or learn any of them.

Drawing of a young woman doing freestyle in the water. You can learn to swim with confidence
Swimming With Confidence

When a child or adult says "I can't do it", unless they have some physical inhibitor that prevents them from doing it, what they really mean is "I am having trouble overcoming my fear of doing it".

I have a saying:
"If you say you can't you never can, if you say you won't you never will"
The proof if you don't believe me is simple. Watch the look of tentativeness when you put a person into any position in the water to show them a skill for the first time. And then see the absolute elation when at last they first achieve that very skill. As soon as they do it what do they want to do; they want to do it again.

Conclusion: if you want to teach someone to swim you have to instill confidence or if you can't and you want to learn to swim you need to practice confidence.


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