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Easiest Way To Put On A Wetsuit For Maximum Comfort And Speed

Just Found The Easiest Way To Put On A Wetsuit

It may seem strange but I don't think that I've ever worn a wetsuit in the bay or ocean water. But I do wear them a lot in the pool. And I'm always on the lookout for better ways to put those suckers on. I think I found the easiest way to put on a wetsuit.

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To answer the question that I know you are wanting to ask: Yep it ruins them! I only ever buy cheap wetsuits as the most expensive ones only last as long as the cheap ones in the chlorinated water. I buy three and rotate them about each day and that gives me about a year's worth of wear.

I'm sure you can understand that putting them on every day, makes me pretty vested in finding the easiest way to put on a wetsuit.

To answer your next question: If it ruins them why do I do it? Because it give me some protection from long exposure to the chlorine and even at 32 Deg. I get cold after 5 hours in the water without one. It not like I'm training. I'm teaching and although it is still spending a lot of energy I do not generate heat like I would when training.
Image of and man walking on the beach in a Wetsuit carrying Surfboard: This article is about the easiest way to put on a wetsuit
Putting On A Wetsuit is Hard

Anyway, I've found this article and it gives step by step instructions of the easiest way I've come across to put on a wetsuit.

Even without friends help, as the article suggests this method is still the best method I've used.


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