Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Teaching Kids To Swim - Quality Swimming Lesson Plans

Image of child swimming in a swimming lane:-Teaching Kids To Swim with Quality Swimming Lesson Plans
Quality Swimming Lesson Plans
As a good swim teacher you will always be on the lookout for more resources.

These quality swimming lesson plans for teaching kids to swim are developed by Laurie Lawrence the Olympic and World Champion Swim coach, specifically with you in mind. Laurie has not only taught children to swim but has progressed them through junior squads and coached many to medals at the Olympic Games. Laurie's swim school is a world leader in baby learn to swim.

The program has been developed over 35 years and incorporates baby’s social, emotional and physical growth and development into the swimming lessons. These lessons follow gentle learn to swim methods that recognize the baby’s physical capabilities and readiness to perform aquatic skills.

These are high quality Swimming Lesson Plans with clear descriptions and video demonstrations throughout. You will not be left guessing with anything in these plans.

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The system that as described is use by swim schools for teaching kids to swim all over Australia and are broken down into relevant age groups to make sure all development issues are considered.

As a good swim teacher you will immediately recognize these lessons as high value investments that will hold you, not only in good stead but will enhance your skill. Your students and their carers will notice.

Any one of these lesson plans will become an important part of your knowledge base. An excellent investment that's, "a must have", for your reference library and development.

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