How to Stay on Top of the Water - Float Easily & Without Exhaustion

How to Stay on Top of the Water

This video is about the displacement of water, body position and how to stay on top of the water.

If you are vertical in the water you are going to sink and it will take a lot of effort to stay above the water.

If you are flat (horizontal) in the water you can float without exhaustion.

If you are not fully flat in the water you will also have difficulty staying afloat. This is why I spend so much time in my lessons concentrating on the swim student learning to float.

If a swim student not only knows how to float (LINK) but also has a sense of what it feels like to float in the water then they are better equipped to feel what they need to do in order to stay afloat in the water.

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Knowing how the correct position in the water feels is the first step to learning how to swim for all beginners and is extremely useful to even advanced swimmers.


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