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Do You Need A Prescription Googles Buyers Guide?

Do You Need A Prescription Googles Buyers Guide?

Glasses And Swimming

I have lost glasses in the pool.
I have lost lenses in the pool.
I have never been willing to try contact lenses in the pool though I know teachers that swear by the daily ones.

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Mostly I just accept that every so often I am going to have to replace my glasses.

Even if I don't damage or lose them they are going to deteriorate in the pool water.

I can actually survive in the pool teaching without my glasses as long as I have a watch. I only need my glasses to see the clock on the wall so that I can time my classes. So I have never swum with prescription goggles.

That being said, if ordinary glasses can be such a problem for me in the pool, I imagine that if you needed glasses to see whilst swimming, you must confront some difficulties at least.

I came across this buyers guide to prescription goggles; it seemed to me to be something of use.


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