Backstroke Drill To Help Keep Your Head Still

Head Still Backstroke Drill

Here is a great fun Backstroke drill that I had forgotten about. It's whole purpose is to help you keep your head stable whilst you are doing backstroke:

1. Fill a disposable drinking cup to about a quarter full. This is only to weigh it down because if you don't it will fall off too easily. Any more than 1/4 full and it will also fall of so keep it to a minimum.

2. Place the semi filled cup on your forehead

3. Push off from the side of the pool with your hands by your side

4. Maintain gentile flutter kick and as soon as you feel as though the cup is stable lift your arms into a torpedo position

5. As soon as the cup feels stable again you can start a gentile backstroke

The longer the cup stays on your head the more stable you are.

Build your speed slowly and see how fast you can go before the cup falls. When you get really good, you should try doing some turns.


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