Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Toodler Water Saftey at Arms Reach

Warning Rant Coming!


"I'm Sorry that your Pride is more important than you child's safety.!!!"

The other day my boss received an email from a customer, complaining about one of our policies and how unfair it was and that why should she do it when she could see other parents that were not doing it.

It's interesting what people will observe when they feel aggrieved. The fact is that if there were a parent not carry out this policy then you can be sure a life guard was on their way to the offender to correct it.

But that's not important because you know what the policy is that she so objected to?

It's a policy that most pools these days adhere to. It comes as safety guidelines from Lifesaving Victoria. It's a policy that was not around when I was bringing up my own children but is so common sense that my wife and I would not have thought of doing anything else.

The policy is that, if your child is under 5 years old you must keep them within arms reach at all times and if they are in the water then you must also be in the water with them.

Maybe your one of those parents who agrees with this customer. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I care about my children and their safety too much. Maybe I care about your children too much...

NO I'm sorry but if you think that this policy is wrong then your an idiot and don't care about your children.

The customer was just very lucky that she got my boss and not me cause I would have stated my reply to her complaint with "I'm Sorry that your pride is more important than you child's safety.!!!" It takes 20 seconds for a child to drown. How are you going to feel about your complaint when your child is DEAD!

Don't be an idiot keep your children close when near the water

Enjoy the water but keep them alive

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