Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What To Do With Your New Swimming Skill: A Real Simple Workout

This blog is about learning to swim. That's why the only drills that you will see are those that are related to How to Learn to Swim. But lets face it at some point you are going to to have a strong enough grasp of swimming to what to know what to do with you new skill.

I also acknowledge that adults swimmer in particular are have had so many years of fear built up that the idea of doing anything else with their new still other that be safe in the water was not even conceived let alone thought about. However at some point, if you persist with your learning, you are going to get good enough to consider a workout. WAIT!

Before you click off this article because you are not in the least bit interested in doing a workout of any kind let alone a swimming kind, there are a number of reasons that as a new swimmer you should consider doing a workout:

1) It will consolidate what you have learned.
If you want to be really safe in the water you need to continue practice for a least some months after you have graduated from you swimming lessons. Knowing how to swim and putting your skill into muscle memory are not the same. The only way to make sure your have your skill for life is to spend some time in the water practicing. A workout will make that practice much more interesting and beneficial.

2) A set routine will allow you to discover and fix faults whilst at the same time enhancing you skill. Having a target is always better that not and you will discover faults in your skills as you try and reach you target because you will always be wanting to improve. If you find you are not reaching your target you will be looking for faults in you swimming that are stopping you from doing so and that allows you to work on them, either as you do your workout or by seeking individual drills.

3) It will improve your fitness and that is always a good thing particularly for swimming. Don't Get Concerned! A workout need not be hard. It can be as simple as going over the drills you used to learn your skill. But if you are anything like me sooner or later you will need something different. I have found this really simple workout "How To Workout At The Beach" which works as well in the pool as it does in the beach. It is really basic an excellent starting place. And the best part about it that once you get the hang of the workout in the pool you can move on to your next challenge and try it in the sea. I know, I know the beach is much scarier than the pool because it moves differently but you do want to keep improving don't you and the ocean is the next step. Enjoy

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