Monday, July 9, 2012

Waterproof iphone Case

Waterproof iphone Case

Frankly it has never occured to me to even contemplate taking my iPhone under water. I mean one of the few places that I can escape my phone these days is in the water. The last thing I want to be doing is taking calls whilst I'm swimming.

But his water proof case is not about taking calls. In fact it's not even about listening to music whilst you are swimming: now that may have some merits.

It's not even about listen to podcasts though I have been trying to learn Japanese lately and I must confess that there is some attraction to using my swimming time to do some lessons.

This waterproof phone case is a all about being able to do other things such as taking photos under water.

Now that has some real potential if you want to do your photography on the sper of the moment or even if you are travelling and don't want to lug arround extra equipment. Not to mention the advantages it has for coaches or parent who would like video for stroke and other assements.

It's exactly the what you need in order to be always be in the right palce at the right time for the pirfect swimming photo.

Coaches and swimmers confront many issues that come into play about waterproof cameras. You need a camera that's convenient to carry; that takes video you can see right away and that you can send or upload that video easily.  That describes an iphone precisly.

It is a truism that The Best Camera Is The One That's With You which is also the title of a book subtitled  iPhone Photography by Chase Jarvis (Voices That Matter) but PUTTING YOUR PHONE UNDER WATER: Are you Nuts! 

This is not a safe place for your iphone and the makers of this case surely have to be prepared for people to call and complain that the case didn't work and that the phone is now ruined.  It seems to be a significant act of faith for a company to trust the "end users" to follow every step correctly when putting this case on. 

It would seen however that Lifeproof understands this and so before you even get to REGISTER your case, you have to pass a test.

A test? I hate test of any kind. But then I realised that it only makes sence that You should have a very real understanding about how to use this case before you jump in the water with your Iphone.

It only makes sence to test the iphone case first, then put your Iphone inside, then test again. Only then should you jump in the water.


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