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Kicking: Improve Your Swim in All Strokes Using Fins (Flipper)

Swimming and Kicking

One of the most useful drills that I've seen used to help beginners Learn to swim Freestyle (AKA Front Crawl) is to use swimming flippers (often called "fins" in swimming)For kicking on your side and putting your face in and out of the water to breathe.After learning the torpedo this is a very useful next step. Whilst it's not the only way to learn how to breathe if you can master it it has to be the fastest way I've seen any beginner learn to swim freestyle breathing.

The drill starts with you kicking on your side with the fins on out of the water.

Once you fell comfortable with that you get in the water and kick down the length of the pool on your side with the lower arm out in front and the top arm resting by your side.

Start with keeping your face out of the water the whole time and as you get used to this, try putting your face in the water between breaths – look at the bottom and blow out continuously into the water. Try and blow All your air out under the water. Whilst it is not necessary at this point in you learning it will become very important as you progress in your swimming.

The next step is to add your freestyle arms into the drill.

Start With One Arm

Start with one arm the one you have been holding out of the water resting on your side, turning your head and blowing out into the water each time your arm enter the water. Pull through the water with your arm and put it back on your side turn your head back out of the water when you do.

As soon as you are comfortable with his add your other arm into the drill.
Start as before with your arm that is beside entering the water turning your head into the water and blowing out all your air as before, Except this time pull through with your lower arm before you pull though with the arm that just entered the water. The lower arm is the one that started underwater and was stretched out ahead of you at the beginning of this drill on you side.

When your lower arm has completed its cycle and is back in position, finish the pull though with your starting arm and turn your head out of the water.

You have just learned how to swim freestyle in as much time as it took to do the drill.

You can get pictures video and complete instruction for this method form the Beginner Swimmer video course by click here*

Image of young woman swimming Freestyle in a pool: Learning kicking is very useful when learning to swim
Freestyle Made Easy

There Is A Lot More In The Course

There is a lot more in the course and its is one of the best Learn to swim freestyle video courses I've com across on the web so far. It even has a section on how to help overcome your fear of  learning to swim.

Using fins to work on your stroke isn't cheating.

Even if you don't buy the course you should consider investing in some swimming fins. The one used in the course are smaller and more flexible than scuba diving flippers. Don't buy the Diver ones for pool swimming they are over kill. Get something mid-length and floppy. Please however only wear the them for specific drill and not all the time. You don't want to become dependent on them. Warm up at the beginning of a session and warm down at the end of a session without them.

Some people believe that using flippers in your swim training is ‘cheating'. Nonsense! Used in the correctly they can be a powerful tool that can help you learn to swim well.

Many of the fundamentals of freestyle swimming can be learned better and more easily with some extra propulsion.


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