Should you Dive Into The Shallow End of The Pool?

Is it safe?
I have said before that I know that there are schools of thought that are convinced that it is or should be Ok to dive in Shallow water (anything under 1.8 metres -about 5'9"- according to Royal Life Saving Society of Australia is considered shallow for diving).

I also know that that there are even swim schools out their that train for it but all the research says it's not safe. If you doubt me all you have to do is type diving accidents in swimming pools into Google and see all the lawyers writing articles and amongst all that you will find the research. If the research itself doesn't scare you off consider that lawyers who make their living out of litigation, are writing article to tell you how unsafe it is.

What about the Example set?
Let's just for a moment, imagine that you are safe because you have trained in diving in shallow water (I say your deluded but lets follow the argument through), have you considered the example you set for those less skilled than yourself? Or don't you care that your example may be the cause of some child or mother or father or sister or bother being injured or worse paralyzed for life because you were showing off.

What happens if with all your skill, you make a mistake ind injure yourself have you considered that in a pool where there are signs everywhere telling you not to dive, you, yourself, may not be covered by insurance? Wouldn't it just make more sense to respect the rules of the pool you want to swim in?

Everybody who learns to swim should learn to dive correctly and safely but diving in shallow water is neither safe or correct and that is not just my opinion.


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