Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Freestyle Drills Improve Stroke Finish, Body Roll, High Elbow Recovery

Below is a video that I really like as it gives a very clear picture of catch up drill, finger drag, one arm drill, 10 x 10 drill other wise know as the six kicks drill and fist drill.

Personally I'm not a big fan of the fist drill for beginner swimmers: I think it does more to confuse than help especially if the student is prone not to open the hand and fingers in the first place. But the rest of the drills are really useful.
In the video the coach talks about 1/4 catch up. If you are teaching children I describe this as almost catch up. That is I say to the child "when you top hand is almost on you bottom hand your bottom hand runs away before the top hand can touch it.

The body roll drill is the same as the six kicks drill I've previously described except this coach uses 10 kick instead of six kick. Does the number of kick matter? Not really! As this coach says you gradually reduce the number of kicks anyway the more proficient you become at it.



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